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terminal strip part no
/c/plc-programming - Anon (2 years ago)

 170 XTS 001 00

Partial Todo List
/c/steeky-beta-testers - Anon (2 years ago)

Still Todo:

Allow people to edit or posts
Post comments
Upload profile pics
Show who posted what
Re-enable private messaging
Pretty much everything in the Android app
Desktop notifications
Tidy up of dashboard to make it look nicer
Social media share links on posts and maybe pages
Leadership role implementation for pages
Allow leaders to change community profile image


/c/learn-spanish - Anon (2 years ago)

This is probably  my favorite  tool for learning  and practicing Spanish. That and talking to people  on whatsapp.  You can use it on your computer or as a mobile app.  I prefer the app.  http://duolingo.com 



Bonding with horses
/c/horses - Anon (2 years ago)

Found this article about how horses are used to make glue. Seems a bit barbaric in this day and age.



Robots Debating
/c/robotics - Anon (2 years ago)

The Time Machine
/c/audio-books - Anon (2 years ago)

This book was way ahead of its time.

Blümchen - Bicycle Race
/c/happy-hardcore - Anon (3 years ago)

/c/generator-project - Anon (2 years ago)